Tell Us Your Story

Each of us knows someone who has been affected by the aggressive immigration changes taking place around our country. In response to this, The Sonoma County Secure Families Fund is seeking community collaboration to increase the local resources available to provide legal services to immigrant families and we would love your help!

New federal policies risk fracturing our beloved and diverse community, and have made the lives of the most vulnerable more uncertain and precarious. Individual community members, like you, will be a driving force in our outreach efforts to bring much needed attention to this issue. It is going to be tremendously impactful for the community to hear personal immigration stories, like yours and that of your family. 

We would like to ask if you would be willing to share a photograph and your immigration story and/or that of your family with us to use at events or in advertisements supporting this effort? It would be wonderful if you could detail some of the struggles and the support received throughout the years after immigrating to the United States. By sharing your story, the community will be able to put real faces to the stories they will hear and read about from people all around the globe that now reside in our county.

Thank you in advance for your support and we greatly appreciate any information you would be so generously willing to share as we pursue our goal to Protect Sonoma County Immigrant Families.

Please kindly email your photo and story at your earliest convenience, and any questions to For additional information regarding The Sonoma County Secure Families Fund, email